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NCISLA: Kensi name LAR

Round 26; The Ocean - At The Edge of the Sea

For round 26 at waywardmixes

Real stuffs
Subject: The Ocean
Title: At The Edge of the Sea
Warnings/Notes: The cover art are my own photos taken at Rialto Beach on the Pacific coast in Washington State.

 photo Front-2.jpg

“The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can't.”
― Christopher Paolini, Eragon
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NCISLA: Kensi name LAR

Round 24; NCIS Los Angeles; Nell/Callen

For Round 24: OTP @  waywardmixes

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Nell and Callen are two characters on the television show NCIS Los Angeles. They are not a "canon" couple. The writers like to tease us with occasional hints then pair them with other people.. It's quite frustrating for us Nellen shippers!!

They both obviously have eyes for each other. In this mix they contemplate their feelings for one another and how they view the other as unobtainable.. There are moments of hope, and many of what we can call despair that they will never have what they wish. They believe there are too many obstacles; age, being co-workers, and even past history of being hurt or alone. Both have mysterious pasts.. Callen essentially an orphan and used to being alone. Nell being raised in what looks like a normal large family, yet she has a hint of cynicism about the world around her that lends to her mystery.

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NCISLA: Kensi name LAR

Wayward Mixes Round 21: Summer Time :D for thethingiswhat

A summer time mix for my winter exchange round at waywardmixes!

for thethingiswhat

Hope you like it! Sorry it was late things got mega crazier this month than I have ever had for a December!! Also! I may have an extra mini mix for your Hunger Games request in a few days, I started working on that but this one screamed louder! But by new years I will message you that one!

 photo summer33.jpeg

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Summertime Mix!

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Castle: Ear grab

Round 20; Superheroes

Fandom: Superheroes (DC and Marvel Universes)
Subject: Secret Identities
Title: Hero? I'm Not Your Hero
Warnings/Notes: No special notes.

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 photo back2.jpg

Superheros with secret identities are complicated individuals. You would think their lives would be fabulous because they have all these special abilities and can save people! All that IS great! They do those things because they are wonderful and honorable people (mostly) and want to help! The hero's secret identity varies in type. You have the smooth and sophisticated Bruce Wayne - the damaged child - as our Batman. The bumbly newsreporters and photographers in Clark Kent and Peter Parker as Superman and Spiderman. It takes all types. I admire both sides of the individual. You can't have the Clark Kent without the Superman..The Bruce Wayne without the Batman... and vice versa. But like us mere human/normal folks these ladies and gentlemen have feelings too. Often feelings of frustration and angst. They can't just live a normal life like us, they have too many demands as a hero. Doesn't mean they don't try though!! Thus creating all these feelings I try to cover in this mix!

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Round 19; Meet The Mixer; klingonlady

Fandom: General
Subject: [personal profile] klingonlady
Title: Mark My Skin
Warnings/Notes: That Lana Del Ray drops a lot of expletives... (swearing warning)

 photo FrontCover.jpg

So I was thinking about how I wanted to do this since I am a complete music whore. I listen to music a LOT, and have a ton of it. Can't get ENOUGH of it! So I was looking through the meme link that was posted with the sign up post. Only one really stood out to me. A song with lyrics you'd like to tattoo on yourself. All the others disappeared off the list at that point, so instead of a bunch of different meme questions you get a mix focused on this.. Lyrics I would tattoo on my body. I found there were still a TON of songs that I would be willing to do that with that are not on this list, I would be a walking lyric wall, for realsies! But these are the ones I could narrow it down to, this month at least. Next month it might be different!

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