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Round 26; The Ocean - At The Edge of the Sea

For round 26 at waywardmixes

Real stuffs
Subject: The Ocean
Title: At The Edge of the Sea
Warnings/Notes: The cover art are my own photos taken at Rialto Beach on the Pacific coast in Washington State.

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“The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can't.”
― Christopher Paolini, Eragon
The ocean runs in my veins, you cut me I bleed salt water. I am the third or fourth generation born in a coastal area.
The ocean beaches are where I go to re-center and connect with my inner self and nature. The songs in this mix are about the ocean and also about messages that help center me and help me stay focused and strong.. Sometimes you go to the beach in turmoil looking for peace so some of the songs are not happy and peaceful while others are, but by the end of the trip I always feel better.

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Song List
Lighthouse - Diane Birch
The Lighthouse - Laura Jansen
Bottom of the Sea - Matt Nathanson
All At Sea - Jamie Cullum
Deep Water - Jewel
Only the Ocean - Jack Johnson
The Ocean - Tonight Alive
House by the Sea - Moddi

Lighthouse - Diane Birch
Some days I’m low
And I know I’m far from home
I see my name and a rose
On a white stone
Live a little woman
Your eyes ain’t meant to close
I’ve been walking the
Wasteland of my heart
You came and delivered me

You are a lighthouse
A lighthouse in the dark
You are a lighthouse
Callin’ out, callin’ out
And you hear me
SOS, SOS and you beam me
‘Cos you are a lighthouse
A lighthouse in the dark

The Lighthouse - Laura Jansen
We're banging the drums
We're shouting out our new names
The skeleton shakes
The moon down from the sky
Everything we want
Is here at the horizon

Under the lighthouse
We bury our bones
Find a home deep in the ground
We'll turn the lights out
Do whatever we want 'cause
We know we won't be found
We'll paint the future
I'll show you yours
You can show me mine
Underneath the lighthouse
At the edge of the world
We will never be lost again

Bottom of the Sea - Matt Nathanson
if the morning light ever calls you backwards
if the surface begs you home
if the morning light ever calls you backwards
just don't be gone too long
don't leave me here alone

come on down to the bottom of the sea
come on down here
ya there's room right next to me
i'm tired of getting even
lets get odd odd
and live life at the bottom of the sea

All At Sea - Jamie Cullum
I'm all at sea
Where no-one can bother me
I sleep by myself
I drink on my own
Don't speak to nobody
I gave away my phone
Like a warm drink it seeps into my soul
Please just leave me right here on my own
Later on you could spend some time with me
If you want to
All at sea

Deep Water - Jewel
You find yourself falling down
Your hopes in the sky
But you heart like grape gum on the ground
And you try to find yourself
In the abstractions of religion
And the cruelty of everyone else
And you wake up to realize
Your standard of living somehow got stuck on survive
When you're standing in deep water
And you're bailing yourself out with a straw
And when you're drowning in deep water
And you wake up making love to a wall
Well it's these little times that help to remind
It's nothing without love, love, love

Only the Ocean - Jack Johnson
And this work is done
And this cold is dry
When this world's too much
It will be only the ocean and me
When these sails go up
Mountanis fade away
Stars come back
I'm finally free
It's only the ocean and me

You don't want
You don't wait
You don't love but you don't hate
You just roll over me
And you pull me in
And you pull me in

The Ocean - Tonight Alive
And I feel paralyzed, been cut down to size
I hardly have the strength, to open up my eyes
Coz I am swollen, and this has stolen my sanity
Well it's hard to see beyond this when it's fighting against me

I'm just waiting for the walls of my insides to come clean
I've been praying for the day that my spirit is finally free
Some days it feels like the ocean lies inside of me
Lies inside of me

The waves crash in, the tide rolls out
I stand before my weakness now
You took my faith and cut me down
The ocean it lies, it lies inside me now!

House by the Sea - Moddi
They say home is a place where you're needed
Then I am home now, but I am leaving
To feel my feet being kissed by the seaweed
And I will be silent and kiss it back
This is not who I want you to see
It's just adding on weight to the darkness in me
And from the little I have understood
I believe that a house by the sea would do good

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