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Get to know the feeling...

of liberation and relief

3 November

~The Woman~
I am a T.V.-aholic. Love it so much! Fangirl! Shipper! Accident prone! Lover! Fighter! Friend! Mother! And probably a number of other things… I like to think I have a sense of humor but only you can be the judge of that. My mind has a tendency to slip into the gutter on occasion… I get excited about stuff easily and am like Tigger and will probably BOUNCE you to death over something I get excited about! I am SILLY and LOVING and will *GLOMP* you all! I am passionate about some things in my non-fangirl life like breastfeeding advocacy and I am working on becoming a lactation consultant in the future. I have made videos that are being shown at WIC offices and Breastfeeding support groups across the US. My children are homeschooled and that is wonderful for them and for me! Welcome to my little corner of the internet!
&hearts I ship it &hearts
The Shows/The Ships
Fringe Peter/Olivia
NCIS Tony/Ziva - McGee/Abby
NCIS Los Angeles - Kensi/Deeks - Nell/Eric
Doctor Who Ten/Rose
Star Trek Voyager Tom/B'Elanna
Castle - Castle/Beckett
Battlestar Galactica Kara/Sam - Adama/Roslin - Kara/Lee
Superman Fandom Lois/Clark - Chloe/Oliver - Clark/Lana
The Big Bang Theory Penny/Leonard - Penny/Sheldon
Roswell Max/Liz - Michael/Maria - Isabel/Alex - Isabel/Kyle
Moonlight Mick/Beth
Supernatural No specific Ship
Glee No specific Ship
Shippy Quotes
Olivia - I have thought of a hundred reasons why you should come back. To fight the shape shifters, to take care of Walter, to save the world. But in the end you have to come back...because you belong with me.

Ziva: Tony, why are you here?
Tony: Couldn't live without you...I guess.
Ziva: So you will die with me? You should have left me alone.
Tony: Tried..couldn't...

B'Elanna: I have to tell you the truth.
Tom: The truth about what?
B'Elanna: I..I..I.. I love you....Say something.
Tom: You picked a great time to tell me!
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You found it!!

...Land comms that I run that you should join!...

I run fringeverse with my braintwin kimmyziva and bigbang_land with crystaldrake and kasiopeia as my assistants. Then ncis_verse myself.
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Credit either watcher_junior or lambietoes for the wonderful Billie/David Rose/Ten mood theme!! I love it!!
Fringe and NCIS love bars by syd15
The Big Bang Theory Love bars by diddymus
Rose/Ten love bar anagraphic

'80's music, abby/mcgee, acting, adama/roslin, aliens, anna torv, anne of green gables, anthropology, art, art museums, astronomy, babywearing, battlestar galactica, beaches, big bang theory, bill/laura, billie piper, blue october, books, breastfeeding advocacy, callum blue, castle, castle/beckett, cats, child led weaning, chloe/oliver, chocolate, clark kent, cloth diapers, cote de pablo, dancing in dark streets, david tennant, dean winchester, densi, doctor quinn, doctor who, doctor/rose, donna noble, environment, eric christian olsen, fanfic, fanfiction, fangirling, finn/rachel, fringe, frog hunting, glee, guitar, guitars, han solo, han/leia, harrison ford, hawaii five-0, hemophilia, hermit crabs, home birth, homeschooling, humor, icon making, indiana jones, jensen ackles, jimmy olsen, joshua jackson, kara/sam, karaoke, kate beckett, kate mulgrew, kate todd, kensi blye, kensi/deeks, lactavist, leonard/penny, lois and clark, lois lane, marty deeks, max/liz, michaela/sully, mick/beth, moonlight, movies, music, natural birth, natural living, ncis, ncis los angeles, ncis: los angeles, ncis:la, nell jones, nell/eric, nestle boycott, oceans, p/t, paris/torres, penny, peter/olivia, photoshop, piano, pineapple, princess leia, psychology, richard castle, rose tyler, roswell, sam winchester, sci-fi, scotland, scottish accents, secret diary ofa callgirl, sheldon cooper, sheldon/penny, singing, sleeping, smallville, sociology, sony vegas, squeeing, star trek, star trek voyager, star wars, sunsets, superheros, superman, supernatural, ten/rose, tenth doctor, teri hatcher, the big bang theory, the ocean, the proclaimers, thrift stores, tiva, tom and b'elanna, tony dinozzo, tony/ziva, torvson, true blood, tv shows, twilight, unschooling, vampires, vidding, video making, will/emma, youtube, ziva david, ziva/tony, zod